"A Fine New England Weinery"


Kamp Dog started as a hot dog stand under the Niantic River Bridge
between 2003 and 2005. Its unique name is a combination of the owners'
names, Ken (Hochstetler) and Anne Marie Pulsifer. The restaurant,
conveniently located at 15 Broad Street in New London (Connecticut)
across from the Court House and Garde Theater, opened at the end of
2008 with a Grand Opening held at the beginning of 2009.

Kamp Dog is open six days a week serving over 50 breakfast and lunch
entrees, plus a variety of homemade side dishes. The most popular foods
are the original Kamp Dog, Reuben sandwiches, and Georgia Red Hots as
well as hand-dipped Corn Dogs.

Kamp Dog's signature dish, the Kamp Dog, is a grilled long hot dog,
topped with homemade Dynamite Sauce, cheese, and onions, nestled in a
butter-grilled New England roll - it is a true classic! The Dynamite Sauce, a
Kamp Dog original recipe created by Ken, is spicier than chili and is a
perfect topping!

Seating is at either a table or counter
. Customers are always welcome to
contact us directly or follow us on Facebook!

                                  CHEF KEN HOCHSTETLER
                                      WELCOMES YOU!

                          Ken has been cooking in commercial kitchens for
                          over 3
0 years. He began working in restaurants
                          as a dishwasher and quickly advanced through
                          fry cook, saute cook, and assistant chef positions to
become head chef at several restaurants. His experiences with American
and ethnic cuisines has led to his innovative approach to "eat the heat"
sauces and dishes in his own restaurant, including his original Dynamite
Sauce and Pepper Relish, a perfect combination of sweet pickle relish and
jalapeno peppers.

Ken's involvement in the community doesn't stop at his restaurant door.
He has opened his kitchen to Fiddleheads, supported the New London
Motorcycle Club, and celebrated his first 500 days by giving away 100 hot
dogs and 100 bags of Chili Fritos to the community. Stop by and say "hi!"